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Jura cottage properties, chalets and holiday homes are available from the rental companies featured below. They've been sorted in ascending order, according to the amount they offer. These numbers are subject to change, so make sure to visit the sites for the latest news.

Cottages 4 You Cottages 4 You - 7 Jura holiday cottages at the time of writing, most of which are traditional in their style and rurally set. Many of their self catering properties are situated close to the Jura Mountains and afford stunning views of the region. Rates begin at £300 p/w.

Chez NousChez Nous - Around 6 cottages in Jura from Chez Nous. All are rurally located and include farmhouses and lodges. 7-night bookings start at about £295 with some able to accommodate up to 7 people. Visit the site for availability information.

Holiday LettingsHoliday Lettings - A small collection of Jura cottages which includes ski-chalets and modern holiday homes, most of which are set in the mountains. Prices are between £365 and £999 depending on season with some located close to the beach.

French ConnectionsFrench Connections - A handful of Jura self catering cottages from French Connections from around £450 for 7-day holiday breaks. Like most other destinations, this tends to rise during high-season although reduced rates are available in some cases.


Jura holiday cottages are located in Eastern France - Jura forms one of the three départements of the Franche-Comté region. It has a landscape of green wooded plains that rise up near the Swiss border to form high mountain valleys. The landscape is beautiful and varied as is the climate.

Lons le Saunier
The mountains found in the South-East are popular amongst skiiers and consist of wooded valleys and impressive mountain gorges. It is also a region of picturesque lakes and cascading waterfalls that form some impressive mountain-scapes. Trails and paths wind through these areas and offer some fine views.

Many footpaths criss-cross Jura attracting hikers and ramblers from all over. Bridal paths and cycling trails can also be found and prove very popular with visitors winding past some idyllic settings. Notable attractions include the Cascade de l'Eventail, a majestic waterfall over 65 metres high.

Vouglans Lake
Bonlieu Lake, with its dark blue waters is found in the Lake District; a collection of fifteen small lakes all linked together. This is a region of profound natural beauty and is ideal for walking and cycling. See the guide below for more information about Jura visitor attractions, activities and places of interest.

Jura visitor attractions

Cottages are popular with holiday makers, in both summer and winter in this area of France - a picturesque region of medieval villages, green countryside and romantic ruined chateaux. The Jura mountains to the south and its lakes and forests are largely unspoiled and far less exploited by tourism than the Alps and are perfect for serious walkers and skiers.

Outdoor activities
There are over seventy ski resorts that can easily be reached from this region, including Chamonix and Meribel. The Jura also offers other activities such as caving, climbing and hiking as well as canoeing and white water rafting. Metabief is one of the biggest centres for downhill mountain biking in France.

The Vouglans Lake is an ideal place to fish and the 10m waterfall and spectacular caves at Baume les Messieurs are well worth a visit. Another magnet for visitors to this area is the spectacular underground river in the grotte les Planches near Arbois. Nearby is the Touro Parc en Beaujolais which is a wildlife park and leisure park combined, popular with children. A number of small railways convey visitors around and there is also a water park which is open in high season only.

Ma CuisineFood and drink
The region is renowned for good food and wine, much of the cuisine has a Swiss emphasis with dishes such as cheese fondue, savoury tarts and cured meats. Local versions of Emmenthal and Gruyere are also popular. The area also produces some good reds, roses and white wines. Le Balance Mets and Vin at Arbois, as the name suggests, is a place where the owners of this modern restaurant try to balance good food with the right wine. It serves local dishes, is expensive but renowned for its cuisine.

At Beaune, La Ciboulettes is an inexpensive bistro popular with locals and offering hearty local specials and an excellent wine list. Ma Cuisine, also in Beaune, is owned by a wine connoisseur. You choose your wine first and then your food from a choice of escargots, ham, roast pigeon and steaks. The cuisine at La Chaumiere at Doleis unusual and expensive but well worth a visit from those who like to samples something different. On the menu is monkffish with black olive oil, brie stuffed with pistaccios and upside down raspberry tart.

Eglise Notre DameHistory and Culture
Once a part of Burgundy, the area struggled to remain independent of the French crown and was a province of the Holy Roman Empire until 1674. Lons le Saunier is an ancient city largely destroyed by fire in the 17th century but now restored.

At the Musee Municipal d’Archeologic, there are prehistoric displays, a Neolithic family scene circa 4000BC and a life-size replica of a 210 million year old plateosaurus, France’s oldest-known dinosaur. At Dole, the beautiful 16th century collegiate church, the Eglise Notre Dame is the largest in the area and another there's also a Roman bridge.
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