About Us

We launched in 2005 as an online travel/accommodation guide before undergoing some big changes in 2018. Today, our main focus is on holiday properties, although we still feature guides to top visitor attractions and holiday destinations in the UK.

Our Hand-Picked Holiday Cottages

The holiday cottages than we showcase have been sourced from trusted UK holiday accommodation companies. But their inclusion on our site isn’t just the result of cursory research – we delve deep into the databases of these providers to identify stand-out holiday properties.

All of them have attained positive reviews from previous guests – some of their comments can be viewed on the property pages along with comments from the owners where possible. Details of mod-cons and the special features of each property are included as well as links to the rental companies through which the properties can be booked.

How We Rate Our Holiday Cottages

The majority of self catering properties on our site have been assigned a star rating. This is an aggregated score based on the guest ratings left at top holiday rental companies such as AirBnb, Booking.com, Expedia, Sykes Cottages and Trip Advisor. Further information about each rating can be found on the individual property pages and is updated every month.

Our aim is to help you make an informed decision when booking a cottage or holiday property. We believe our rating system will help you do just this.

Our Travel Guides

You can still find guides to idyllic holiday destinations via our regularly-updated Travel Guides section. It features information about some of the most picturesque locations in the UK. including top UK visitor attractions, outdoor activities and historical/cultural places of interest. We try to convey the essence, charm and character of each location that we profile.

Cottage Rental Companies

As well as presenting hand-picked cottages, we take a big interest in the companies which offer them to rent. Our cottage rental company section features background information about each provider with further information about the size of their property portfolios, the extent of their geographical coverage as well as any extra fees attached to bookings.

Can’t Find the Right Holiday Cottage?

If you’re struggling to find a holiday cottage that suits your requirements, drop us a line and we’ll do our best to help! We have access to a wide range of leading rental companies.

Email: webquery@cottages-to-rent.co.uk

The United Kingdom offers some of the most breathtaking short-break holiday destinations – we therefore hope that you find the holiday cottage of your dreams via our website!

Recent Acquisition

We recently acquired UKAttraction.com, a travel guide website for holiday planners. It was a major resource back in the day but has been inactive for a good couple of years. So we decided to snap it up! We’ll be going all out to restore the site to its former glory in the coming months with brand new content. When its finished, the site showcase top visitor attractions in every county of the United Kingdom – so be sure to check it out!

Dale Shelabarger, CEO Cottages to Rent

How We Advertise

In order to cover the costs of running Cottages to Rent and to make future improvements possible, we have affiliate partnerships with various rental companies included on this site such as Sykes Cottages, Booking.com and HolidayCottages.co.uk. Their links are the first you’ll see on the actual property pages beneath the property images – if you click on one of their links or banners and then make a booking with them, we receive a small commission. However, all other links to holiday rental companies on the Cottages to Rent website are not affiliate-based unless expressely stated on the actual page.

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