17 Cool Things to Do in Blackpool

Searching for things to see and do in Blackpool? Well, this really shouldn’t be difficult given how lively this seaside town has become.

Nevertheless, we’ve put together this guide that showcases 20 must-see visitor attractions in Blackpool, ranging from the iconic Blackpool Tower to the Golden Mile. Read on!

1. Visit Blackpool Pleasure Beach

Blackpool Pleasure Beach

First established in 1896, the Pleasure Beach is one of the major Blackpool attractions and a renowned destination for amusement park enthusiasts in the UK.

The park offers a mix of classic carnival rides and cutting-edge roller coasters, such as the iconic Big One and Grand National rides, both providing unparalleled vistas of the town.

Beyond the rides, the Pleasure Beach offers plenty of food options included restaurants and fast-food outlets.

An essential stop for those seeking family activities in Blackpool.

2. Ascend the Blackpool Tower

Blackpool Tower

An iconic emblem of this vibrant UK seaside town is Blackpool Tower – a remarkable example of engineering history and a magnificent symbol of Victorian architecture in Blackpool

Rising 518 feet (158 meters) high, it’s been a distinctive feature of the town’s skyline since 1894 and is one of Blackpool’s famous landmarks

Visitors to the tower can enjoy a variety of activities at the tower. From the Blackpool Tower Eye, one can enjoy sweeping views of the Irish Sea and the expansive Lancashire landscapes.

Inside the tower, there’s the beautifully designed Blackpool Tower Ballroom, famed for its architectural elegance and appearance on ‘Strictly Come Dancing’.

Another major attraction is the Blackpool Tower Dungeon, which offers a humorous yet eerie journey into the region’s past.

3. See the Blackpool Illuminations

Blackpool Illuminations

A renowned event in the UK’s seaside locale of Blackpool is the Blackpool Illuminations, an awe-inspiring display of lights.

Celebrated as the preeminent free light spectacle in the world, it’s been a prominent Blackpool visitor attraction since 1879.

This grand light extravaganza stretches from late summer till early fall, as over a million bulbs cast a radiant glow over the town’s six-mile seafront, forming an entrancing fusion of hues and brilliance.

With a variety of both stationary and animated light installations ranging from classic lamps to advanced laser projections, the illuminations never cease to amaze.

The spectacle can be experienced by taking a leisurely stroll or a drive along the Illuminated Tram Parade, further enhancing the enchanting ambiance.

4. See the Animal Residents at Blackpool Zoo

Blackpool Zoo

Blackpool Zoo is a popular attraction that’s consistently teaming with visitors.

Launched in 1972, it stretches across 32 scenic acres and is a haven for over a thousand animal, all hailing from distinct parts of our planet.

Spectators can enjoy the sight of a myriad of species including giraffes, tigers, gorillas and numerous bird varieties.

But there’s more to do than just watching – Blackpool Zoo also hosts educational presentations, feeding interactions and hands-on animal experiences.

Its focus on wildlife conservation and the wellbeing of its residents, coupled with the extensive range of species, makes the zoo an essential visit when in Blackpool.

5. Splash Around at Sandcastle Waterpark

Sandcastle Waterpark

The Sandcastle Water Park holds the title as the nation’s biggest indoor aqua park and is a popular spot for those seeking family activities in Blackpool.

The park, which debuted in 1986, presents a plethora of aquatic experiences suitable for all age groups.

It’s populated by an extensive collection of water slides, wave generators and a leisurely river ride.

For those seeking an adrenaline rush, the park’s distinctive Hyperzone area features electrifying rides such as the Masterblaster and Aztec Falls.

6. Experience Blackpool Winter Gardens

Blackpool Winter Gardens

Photo: Winter Gardens, Blackpool

The Winter Gardens stands as a longstanding hub of entertainment and social gatherings since its inauguration in 1878.

The gardens include theatrical stages, dance halls and exhibition areas, thoffering a diverse palette of enjoyment opportunities.

One notable locale within the compound is the Empress Ballroom – an iconic site that’s played host to live music performances, dancing duels and even political events.

In addition to live entertainment, the Winter Gardens also invites guests to explore its peaceful indoor botanical spaces, lending a quiet contrast to the vibrant energy of the bustling town outside.

A must-visit for those looking to experience all manner of cultural events in Blackpool.

7. Encounter The Sculptures at Madame Tussauds Blackpool

Madame Tussauds Blackpool

Madame Tussauds Blackpool is one of the most popular family activities in Blackpool, offering a highly-interactive experience with a huge array of life-like wax sculptures.

A part of the globally recognized Madame Tussauds franchise, it boasts remarkably accurate wax renditions of a broad spectrum of public figures, from celebrities to historical figures.

Guests can enjoy close encounters with representations of their favourite icons, be they film stars, musicians or sporting heroes.

With specially curated sections like the Marvel Super Heroes area and the set of Coronation Street, the museum delivers a diverse range of models that are suitable for all generations.

8. See Blackpool Model Village and Gardens

Photo: Blackpool Model Village and Gardens

Blackpool Model Village and Gardens is a delightful Blackpool visitor attraction marked by its meticulous upkeep. 

Spanning more than two-and-a-half acres, it features an impressive display of over 100 models, each representing distinct aspects of British lifestyle and culture.

Guests can stroll through a myriad of miniaturized settings, ranging from quaint houses and agricultural lands to grand castles and even a football pitch.

It’s not just a Blackpool attraction for the younger ones – adults too can capture plenty of picture-perfect moments.

The gardens also provide respite from the brighter and brasher attractions found throughout this traditional English coastal town.

9. Take a Ride on the Blackpool Tramway

Blackpool Tramway

Operating since 1885, this tram system is recognized as one of the earliest electrified tram services in the world.

It covers the scenic coastal stretch between Blackpool and Fleetwood, treating passenger to some wonderful views of the Irish Sea.

The tram passes Blackpool’s famous landmarks, among them Blackpool Tower and the pleasure beach.

The service runs modern, easy-access trams but also operates heritage models, offering riders a delightful trip down memory lane.

10. Take in a Performance at the Grand Theatre

Blackpool Grand Theatre

An ideal setting for holiday-makes looking for cultural events in Blackpool

The Grand Theatre is an artistic and architectural gem designed by the esteemed Victorian architect, Frank Matcham.

First opening its doors, to the public in 1894, the theatre boasts an exquisite interior that’s witnessed a myriad of performances ranging from musical theatre to ballet, and opera.

The theatre is renowned for its yearly pantomime show staged during the festive Christmas period.

A trip to the Grand Theatre not only offers a chance to revel in top-tier performances but also to marvel at the historic grandeur and architectural splendour of this remarkable building.

11. Observe the Inhabitants at the Sea Life Centre

Blackpool Sea Life Centre

The Sea Life Centre stands as a premier destination for oceanic wildlife enthusiasts and one of the major Blackpool visitor attractions.

Visitors can enjoy more than 50 exhibits, including an enchanting underwater tunnel, where they can encounter an array of creatures including starfish, rays and sharks.

The Sea Life Centre also organizes presentations and feeding shows, ensuring a learning experience that engages all age groups.

The Centre’s steadfast dedication to the preservation of marine ecosystems further enhances its appeal.

12. Relax on Blackpool Beach

Blackpool Beach

Like all British seaside vacations, a visit to the beach is absolutely essential, whether you want to construct sandcastles, relish a picnic, or take a leisurely walk along the promenade.

Blackpool Beach offers the quintessential British seaside experience, from the jingle-jangle of amusement arcades to the enticing scent of various food outlets,

The beach also boasts the famous Blackpool piers, one of which is brimming with jingling amusement arcades and food outlets.

From this spot, breathtaking views of the town’s skyline, dominated by the notable Blackpool Tower, can be admired.

A trip to Blackpool wouldn’t be complete without a visit to this lively and entertaining beach.

13. Be Amazed by Blackpool Circus

Blackpool Circus

The Blackpool Tower Circus  is a renowned and historic venue for Blackpool entertainment and is great option for those looking for quirky things to do in Blackpool.

Established in 1894, the circus is situated within the base of the famous tower and stages a diverse array of performances, featuring acrobats, jesters and traditional circus displays.

All set under the beautifully decorated dome of the circus ring, a popular feature of the circus is the impressive water finale, which sees the circus ring fill with more than 42,000 gallons of water.

14. Go Back in Time at Blackpool Tower Dungeon

Blackpool Dungeons

This must-visit Blackpool visitor attraction is an intriguing tourist hotspot featuring performers, special effect, and thrill rides to depict a variety of horrifying historical occurrences.

The dungeon experience transports visitors on a journey through a millennium of Lancashire’s darkest moments.

This encompasses events like the War of the Roses, the plague and the infamous Pendle Witches.

It presents an innovative and engaging method for understanding history, perfectly balanced with moments of humour, fear and state-of-the-art narrative techniques.

Situated along the city’s well-known promenade, Blackpool Dungeons combines scares and fun in equal measure and is ideal for UK family holidays.

15. Take a Stroll on the Promenade

Blackpool Promenade

What better way to find things to do in Blackpool than to stroll along its promenade?

Often referred to as the Golden Mile, the Promenade forms the town’s bustling epicenter.

Flowing Blackpool’s seafront and coastline, the promenade acts as a nexus of fun and engagement, featuring several of the most recognised attractions in town.

It takes in Blackpool’s famous landmarks including the tower, pleasure beach and trio of Victorian Blackpool piers.

The Promenade is also populated with a multitude of amusement arcades, restaurants, souvenir outlets and classic seaside leisure pursuits.

Regardless of the time, the Promenade exudes a lively atmosphere that perfectly captures the spirit of the town.

The promenade should be on the itinerary of any visit to North West England.

16. Take a Ride with Blackpool Heritage Tram Tours

Blackpool Heritage Tram Tours

Offering a great way to discover this historic coastal town, the Heritage Tram Tours is ideal if you’re looking for family friendly things to do in Blackpool.

These tours invite guests on a retrospective voyage along the seaside, aboard meticulously restored classic trams.

You’ll be taken on a trip to yesteryear which harks back to an era when trams formed the crux of the town’s transportation system.

The ride affords picturesque vistas of major visitors attractions, including the tower, the Pleasure Beach and the famous Golden Mile.

This captivating and unforgettable journey is a delightful way to soak in Blackpool’s landmarks.

17. Walk the Plank at Coral Island

Coral Island

Coral Island is the largest indoor free admission amusement park in the North West of England.

Occupying a central location, this bustling visitor attraction presents a pirate-themed adventure for family fun seekers.

Popular attractions include the Ghost Train and the Pirate Flyer. Particularly appealing for families is the opportunity to join the Pirate Quest or try their luck at the bingo hall.

Coral Island epitomizes an all-weather entertainment destination for visitors of all ages.

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