Romantic Things to Do in Bath for Couples

Unlock the charm of Bath with your loved one as we unveil 15 delightful experiences tailor-made for couples.

From exploring the Roman Baths to indulging in a romantic hot air balloon ride, Bath offers a plethora of captivating activities that are ideal for a romantic getaway. So let’s begin!

Visit the Roman Baths

Stepping into the heart of Bath city, you and your significant other will be transported back in time at the Roman Baths.

This architectural marvel is a living tribute to the sophisticated engineering and unique culture of the Roman era, offering an unparalleled glimpse into the city’s ancient heritage.

As you explore this enchanting site, you’ll be walking on the very stones that have felt the weight of Roman sandals over two millennia ago.

There’s something deeply moving about sharing a footpath with history, surrounded by the same timeless, thermal waters that have been bubbling up from the Earth’s depth since antiquity.

The main attraction, the Great Bath, never fails to amaze visitors. With steam rising from the warm, mineral-enriched waters, it’s an emblem of a time when the Romans turned bathing into a fine art.

Don’t miss the chance to marvel at the Sacred Spring, where hot water surges and you can sense the ancient reverence for this natural wonder.

Complementing your immersive historical experience, the on-site museum presents an extensive collection of intriguing artefacts discovered in the vicinity.

Ranging from delicate jewellery to ancient Roman coins, each piece silently narrates a tale of the bygone days.

As part of your visit, why not cap it off by trying the Spa water in the elegant Pump Room, where you can sample the distinct taste of history?

The Roman Baths offer more than just a day’s activity; it’s a journey into the past, a romantic exploration shared, and a quintessential part of your Bath experience.

This is a historic attraction that stands as a must-visit on any Bath itinerary for couples.

Relax in the Thermae Bath Spa

Unadulterated relaxation and rejuvenation are waiting for couples at the Thermae Bath Spa.

It’s not just a spa; it’s an experience, a retreat, a tranquil haven in the heart of the city that connects you to the ancient traditions of thermal bathing.

Once inside, you and your partner can unwind in the New Royal Bath, a beautiful blend of contemporary design and traditional architecture.

The central feature of this area is the Minerva Bath, the largest thermal pool, named after the Roman goddess of health and wisdom.

Here, the gentle currents, massage jets, and whirlpool features make for a soothing and invigorating experience.

But what makes Thermae Bath Spa truly unique is its open-air rooftop pool. Imagine yourself submerged in the naturally warm, mineral-rich waters, gazing out at the panoramic views of Bath’s cityscape.

Whether you visit in the crisp morning, under the midday sun, or as the stars emerge at dusk, it’s a memorable, intimate experience shared with your loved one.

Beyond the pools, Thermae Bath Spa offers a range of wellness therapies.

Indulge in an aromatherapy massage, a bamboo facial, or one of the many other treatments available that draw on the city’s thermal waters, leaving you feeling refreshed and revitalised.

Whether you’re seeking relaxation or adventure, Thermae Bath Spa provides an unforgettable retreat in a city known for its historical and natural wonders. It’s the perfect haven for couples seeking to step away from the everyday and into a world of wellness and serenity.

Explore the Pulteney Bridge

This architectural gem, spanning the River Avon, is one of the world’s most unique bridges, and a must-see spot for couples exploring the city.

Pulteney Bridge, with its intricate Palladian-style design, holds a unique charm.

Unlike most bridges, it is lined on both sides with quaint shops selling everything from artwork and antiques to delicious local treats.

As you and your partner stroll across, you’ll be treated to the delightful sight of these charming boutiques, making it feel more like a street than a bridge.

Midway across the bridge, pause to admire the view of the magnificent horseshoe-shaped weir and watch as the River Avon rushes over the cascades.

The serene river setting combined with the historical beauty of the bridge makes for a truly romantic moment.

Just a short distance away from the bridge, you can explore the scenic Bath Riverside Walk.

This picturesque trail offers panoramic views of the city’s architectural skyline, adding to the romantic experience.

This romantic venue captures the heart of Bath’s history and charm. Whether you’re window shopping or enjoying a leisurely walk, this destination provides a memorable experience for any couple.

Stroll Around Royal Crescent

Royal Crescent

Immerse yourselves in the timeless elegance of Bath by exploring the stunning Royal Crescent.

This architectural wonder, with its harmonious curve of 30 terraced houses, paints a beautiful picture of the city’s Georgian history and offers a unique romantic setting.

The Royal Crescent’s majestic façade, graced by regal columns and intricate ironwork, provides a dramatic backdrop as you walk hand in hand with your partner.

Each step taken along this grand semicircular row of houses carries a sense of travelling back in time, encapsulating Bath’s charm and heritage.

Adding to the splendour, the Royal Crescent overlooks the serene Royal Victoria Park.

Here, couples can meander through lush, manicured lawns and vibrant blooms, perhaps finding a quaint spot for a private picnic amidst the greenery.

The tranquillity of the park beautifully balances the opulence of the Royal Crescent, offering a delightful retreat from the city’s liveliness.

Don’t miss a visit to the No. 1 Royal Crescent, a meticulously preserved house-turned-museum just steps away.

Step into the shoes of a Georgian aristocrat as you navigate the rooms, each adorned with period furnishings and genuine artefacts.

Exploring the Royal Crescent offers a shared journey through history, art, and nature that every couple should experience when in Bath.

It beautifully captures the essence of a city where history comes to life.

Dine at a Romantic Restaurant

Bath’s culinary landscape offers an array of dining options perfect for couples seeking a romantic gastronomic adventure.

Three of the standout restaurants in the city include Sotto Sotto, Olive Tree, and The Pump Room.

Sotto Sotto, tucked away in a historic stone vaulted cellar, exudes a rustic charm that couples will find irresistibly romantic.

Specialising in authentic Italian cuisine, the restaurant serves dishes crafted from premium, locally-sourced ingredients.

From their handmade pasta to their indulgent desserts, dining here is a celebration of Italian culinary traditions.

Just a short distance away, the Olive Tree offers a different but equally enchanting dining experience.

As Bath’s only Michelin-starred restaurant, it promises an exceptional gastronomic journey.

The menu is a creative blend of British cuisine with a modern twist, each dish meticulously prepared and beautifully presented. Pair your meal with a selection from their extensive wine list for a truly memorable dining experience.

For those seeking a side of history with their meal, The Pump Room provides a unique opportunity to dine in an elegant Georgian salon.

The grandeur of its high ceilings, sparkling chandeliers, and Corinthian columns makes it an unforgettable dining location.

Offering traditional afternoon tea and a seasonal a la carte menu, The Pump Room combines gastronomic delights with a step back into Bath’s Georgian past.

Whether you’re sampling Italian flavours in Sotto Sotto, savouring a Michelin-starred dish at Olive Tree, or enjoying afternoon tea at The Pump Room, each restaurant offers a unique, romantic dining experience that contributes to the captivating charm of Bath.

Attend a Performance at the Theatre Royal

In the historical city of Bath, the Theatre Royal stands as a testament to the city’s vibrant arts scene.

This Georgian masterpiece isn’t just a theatre; it’s a cultural gem where drama, dance, opera, and comedy converge to offer an exciting experience for couples looking to enjoy a memorable evening out.

As one of the oldest and most revered theatres in the country, the Theatre Royal Bath has played host to an array of acclaimed actors and performances since its opening in 1805.

Its Main House, the Ustinov Studio, and the egg theatre offer a diverse array of shows, ensuring there’s always something to captivate every interest.

The Main House, with its stunning auditorium adorned with elaborate ornamentation and plush velvet seats, primarily showcases classic and modern plays.

Meanwhile, the Ustinov Studio caters to the more avant-garde tastes, presenting a range of contemporary performances from around the world.

And for the more interactive theatre enthusiasts, the egg theatre offers a unique platform for children’s and young people’s performances, making it a fantastic choice if you’re spending time with younger family members.

From the moment you step into its lavish foyer until the final curtain call, the Theatre Royal Bath promises an enchanting journey through the performing arts.

Discover the Fashion Museum

Deep within the elegant Georgian walls of the Assembly Rooms lies the Bath Fashion Museum, a destination that offers couples a fascinating journey through the world of fashion.

Here, sartorial stories from the 16th century to the present day unfold in a series of captivating exhibitions.

Housing a world-class collection of contemporary and historic dress, the Bath Fashion Museum provides an intriguing insight into the evolution of fashion over the centuries.

As you traverse the museum, you’ll encounter exquisite displays of clothing and accessories, from the elaborate gowns of Georgian high society to the iconic mini-dresses of the Swinging Sixties.

Each item in the collection tells its own tale, be it a luxurious court mantua from the 18th century or a modern couture creation from an influential designer.

Fashion is more than just clothes; it’s a mirror of society and culture, and this museum captures that sentiment beautifully.

For those who love hands-on experiences, the museum also offers the chance to try on replicas of historic garments.

Whether it’s a corseted Victorian bodice or an elegant Georgian dress, you and your partner can step into the fashion of the past and make some unique memories.

The Bath Fashion Museum, with its remarkable collection and engaging exhibitions, offers an immersive, insightful, and thoroughly enjoyable visit for fashion-loving couples.

It’s a place where style meets history, and where fashion stories come alive.

Visit the Bath Abbey

Bath Abbey

Stepping into the Bath Abbey is like journeying through history and spirituality.

This remarkable church, located in the heart of the city, offers a blend of architectural grandeur, fascinating history, and serene ambience, making it a must-visit for couples exploring Bath.

Constructed in the 7th century, the Abbey has witnessed countless transformations, from a monastery to a Norman cathedral to the stunning Gothic church that stands today.

As you enter, you’ll be captivated by the sweeping fan vaulted ceiling, a testament to the architectural ingenuity of the medieval period.

Don’t miss the chance to explore the Abbey’s tower. Climb the 212 steps on a guided tour to experience panoramic views of Bath from the top.

It’s an exhilarating adventure that offers a bird’s eye view of the city’s historic skyline.

Inside, the Abbey’s walls bear etchings of history. From the beautiful stained glass windows to the intricate stone carvings and centuries-old memorials, each element has a tale to tell.

Join one of the guided tours to gain insights into the Abbey’s rich past and its significance in Bath’s cultural landscape.

After exploring, take a moment to sit in quiet contemplation. The peaceful atmosphere offers a chance to reflect, making your visit to the Abbey not just a historical exploration, but a spiritual experience as well.

The Bath Abbey is a place where history, architecture, and spirituality come together to offer a unique and memorable experience for couples visiting Bath.

Take a Boat Trip on River Avon

Embark on a memorable voyage with your partner on the tranquil waters of the River Avon for a distinctly romantic Bath experience.

Cruising down this beautiful river offers a unique perspective on Bath’s historical cityscape and its charming countryside, making it a delightful adventure for couples.

River boat companies offer a variety of trips, from short city cruises to longer journeys that take you through the idyllic Avon Valley.

As you sail along, you’ll be treated to scenic views of verdant riverside parks, majestic weeping willows, and stunning Georgian architecture.

A highlight of the trip is passing under the iconic Pulteney Bridge, one of the world’s few bridges lined with shops.

As your boat glides under its graceful arches, you’ll get a different view of this unique architectural marvel.

Further downstream, you’ll come across the Bathampton Mill, a historic site that adds to the charm of the boat trip.

Some tours even offer the opportunity to stop for a leisurely riverside lunch or a romantic picnic in the scenic countryside.

Whether you opt for a narrated sightseeing tour to learn more about Bath’s rich history, or a quiet, more intimate experience, a boat trip on the River Avon promises a relaxing and romantic time for couples.

It’s an unforgettable way to appreciate Bath’s beauty from a different vantage point.

Visit the Holburne Museum

Nestled at the end of Bath’s historic Great Pulteney Street is the Holburne Museum, a haven for art lovers.

This impressive museum, set in the grand Sydney Hotel, is home to a remarkable collection of fine and decorative arts, making it a perfect cultural outing for couples visiting Bath.

The museum’s collection, originally gathered by Sir William Holburne, includes a wide array of European and British paintings, sculpture, miniatures, porcelain, silver, and furniture.

As you explore the museum, you’ll encounter works by masters like Gainsborough, Turner and Guardi, each piece a testament to the beauty and depth of art across different periods.

One of the highlights is the museum’s display of 18th-century British portraits and landscapes, offering an evocative glimpse into the past.

Each room unfolds a new chapter in art history, inviting you and your partner to embark on a shared journey of aesthetic discovery.

The Holburne Museum’s striking exterior is equally captivating, with its grand façade and beautiful surrounding gardens.

After your visit, take a romantic stroll in the Sydney Gardens, the oldest public park in Bath.

Here, you’ll find charming flower beds, historic features, and the peaceful Kennet and Avon canal – the perfect backdrop for a leisurely walk.

The Holburne Museum offers an enriching experience, blending culture, history, and romance in the heart of Bath.

Join a Gin Distillery Tour

Delve into the captivating realm of gin creation by embarking on a distillery exploration in Bath, the birthplace of the renowned Bath Gin.

This educational and entertaining experience is an absolute treat for couples who share a fondness for this distinctive spirit.

The tour kick-starts with a cordial greeting before taking you on a fascinating voyage through the intricate steps involved in gin manufacturing.

You’ll witness firsthand the complex process of botanical selection, distillation, and final bottling.

The knowledgeable guides enhance the experience, making it a perfect blend of fun and learning.

An unforgettable part of the tour is stepping into the distilling room, the heart of the distillery where ‘Jane,’ the customized still, is hard at work.

Observing the transformation of raw materials into the beloved spirit offers a rare glimpse into the craftsmanship and detail that infuses each bottle.

Of course, no distillery tour is complete without tasting the fruits of the labor.

Savor the distinct flavors of Bath Gin in its pure form, and then appreciate the harmonious blend of tastes in a perfectly mixed G&T or a professionally crafted cocktail.

To round off your experience, visit the distillery’s retail outlet to take home a bottle of Bath Gin, a tangible memento of your journey.

Explore the Bath Skyline Walk


As you explore Bath’s historic charm, don’t miss the opportunity to embark on a romantic stroll along the picturesque Bath Skyline walk.

This six-mile trail, curated by the National Trust, unfolds stunning views of the city and its surrounding countryside, making it a must-experience adventure for nature-loving couples.

From Bath city centre, the Skyline walk takes you through charming woodland, verdant meadows, and secluded valleys.

Each twist and turn along the path presents a new, breathtaking panorama.

Overlooking the city, you’ll see iconic landmarks such as the Bath Abbey and the Royal Crescent nestled within the urban landscape.

Along the way, you’ll discover hidden gems like the Iron Age hill fort at Little Solsbury Hill, a testament to the area’s ancient past.

Whether you choose to picnic in one of the many picturesque spots, or simply soak in the natural beauty, the Skyline walk offers a serene escape from the city’s bustle.

Further enhancing the walk are its abundant flora and fauna. From wildflowers that carpet the meadows in spring, to the diverse bird species that populate the area, the Bath Skyline walk is a true haven for wildlife.

The Bath Skyline walk promises an invigorating experience, replete with striking views, tranquil natural beauty, and a unique perspective on Bath’s historic cityscape. It’s an ideal way to appreciate Bath’s natural and cultural charm.

Explore the Prior Park Landscape Garden

Step into a peaceful sanctuary away from the urban hustle by visiting the Prior Park Landscape Garden.

This 18th-century garden, nestled in a vast valley offering breathtaking views of the cith, provides a tranquil haven for couples and is one of the most romantic walks in Bath.

Designed by Ralph Allen, with input from the renowned ‘Capability’ Brown and poet Alexander Pope, the garden is a showcase of the classic English landscape design of its time.

Wander along its meandering trails to discover a range of garden elements, such as terraces cascading down the slope, serene bodies of water, and woodland areas abundant with wildlife.

The garden’s signature feature is the Palladian Bridge, one of just four in existence worldwide.

This graceful architectural wonder, set amid flourishing vegetation, is an idyllic spot for capturing romantic memories through photographs.

For a stunning view of Bath, take a leisurely walk to the lookout known as the ‘Wilderness.’

This vantage point offers a sweeping panorama of the city, a sight that’s especially magical at sunset.

Whether you choose to pack a picnic to savour in these charming surroundings or prefer to recline on the grassy slopes absorbing the peaceful atmosphere, you’re in for a treat.

With its mix of natural splendour, historical intrigue, and romantic appeal, the Prior Park Landscape Garden offers a delightful escape – a visit to these gardens promises a uniquely rewarding experience.

It’s a green haven that encapsulates Bath’s allure, making it an unmissable stop for couples.

Visit the Jane Austen Centre

Enter the enchanting world of one of England’s most beloved authors at the Jane Austen Centre.

Nestled in a beautifully restored Georgian townhouse in Bath, this captivating museum invites literature-loving couples to step into the life and works of Jane Austen.

Inside the Centre, a vivid portrayal of Austen’s time in Bath and its profound influence on her writing awaits.

Traverse the exhibits and be transported to the era that shaped her novels, exploring her personal life, her family’s social dynamics, and the intriguing customs of the period.

Adding a touch of authenticity, costumed guides embody Austen’s characters, regaling visitors with captivating stories about her life and engaging discussions about her literary masterpieces.

Their expertise and enthusiasm breathe life into the experience, allowing you to truly immerse yourselves in Austen’s world.

For a whimsical twist, indulge in the opportunity to don Regency-era attire. Step into the shoes of Austen’s characters and capture a memorable photo that encapsulates the spirit of the era.

And after your exploration, take a delightful break at the Regency Tea Room, where you can savor the flavors of traditional English tea and delectable treats.

A visit to the Jane Austen Centre promises an immersive and enlightening adventure, where literature, history, and the joy of discovery intertwine. Its an experience that will deepen your appreciation for her remarkable contributions.

Take a Hot Air Balloon Ride

Embark on a breathtaking and romantic adventure high above the picturesque landscapes of Bath with a hot air balloon ride.

This extraordinary experience offers couples an unmatched perspective of the city and its surrounding countryside, providing unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime.

As you ascend into the sky, feel a sense of exhilaration and serenity. The gentle breeze carries you effortlessly, revealing stunning panoramic views of Bath’s historic architecture, rolling hills, and meandering waterways.

It’s a bird’s-eye view that paints an awe-inspiring canvas of natural beauty.

The hot air balloon ride offers a unique opportunity for intimacy and tranquility.

Drifting above the bustling world below, you and your partner can enjoy uninterrupted moments of togetherness, free from the distractions of daily life.

Share whispered conversations, steal kisses amidst the clouds, and create cherished memories against the backdrop of an ever-changing landscape.

The experienced pilots, with their wealth of knowledge and passion for ballooning, ensure a safe and unforgettable journey.

They navigate the winds, guiding you through the skies, as you marvel at the breathtaking vistas unfolding before you.

A hot air balloon ride promises a truly extraordinary experience for couples. It’s a romantic escapade that transcends the ordinary, allowing you to soar together in blissful harmony and create cherished memories that will stay with you forever.

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