Browse our collection of highly-rated thatched holiday cottages. Each one is brimming with character both inside and out.

Phoebe’s Cottage, Romsey, Hampshire

400 year-old thatched cottage with beamed walls and ceilings, a charming wooden staircase and traditional inglenook fireplace.

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What is Thatching?

Thatching is a traditional process of constructing a roof using dry vegetation such as sedge, straw or grass. It is a practice that can be traced back to Bronze Age Britain during which time thatched rural buildings were commonplace.

Although the method died out in the late eighteenth century, there remain more than 60,000 thatched properties in the UK. Happily, some of these are available to rent as holiday cottages.

Where Are Most Thatched Cottages Located?

As far as the UK is concerned, most cottages with thatched roofs can be found in England, typically places like Devon, Cornwall, the Cotswolds, Hampshire, Oxfordshire and Warwickshire. However, Dorset is thought to have more thatched buildings than any other UK county with an estimated four per square mile.

Do Thatched Cottages Make Good Holiday Properties?

Yes, generally speaking. The best thatched properties showcase this wonderful craft but also include the very latest modern conveniences. Unfortunately, misconceptions abound regarding thatched buildings – the most popular one being that they leak.

But actually, thatched roofs are naturally waterproof because of the use of materials such as water reed in their construction. They’re also excellent insulators so they’ll keep you warm during the colder months and cool during the summer.

Are Thatched Holiday Cottages Expensive to Rent?

Not necessarily. The biggest price determinates for short break holiday properties relate to things like size, the number of rooms, the location, as well as the kind of facilities contained therein.

In some cases, you might be charged a little extra for the privilege of staying in a thatched property. But the factors mentioned often have the most impact in price.

How do I Find a Quality Thatched Holiday Cottage?

By sticking with self catering holiday properties offered by trusted providers. All of the cottages above are available through established companies that conduct independent inspections on all of their properties, thatched or otherwise. Also, pay very close attention to reviews from previous guests. They can be extremely insightful and revealing.

It’s Not Just About the Roof!

Remember that these holiday cottages tend to be very old. So like many quirky holiday properties or character cottages, it’s not just about one single feature. There’s a good chance that you’ll find additional character elements to enjoy such as an inglenook fireplace, timber-framing, exposed beams and such like.

This is especially true these days, given that most developers are at pains to ensure that original features are retained and preserved. After all, ‘rustic’ can spell big business for those letting out holiday homes. People want their short break stay to be a memorable one – and booking a thatched holiday property certainly ticks plenty of boxes.

Thatched Cottages – Common Features

  • Thatched roof
  • Timber-framing
  • Exposed brickwork
  • Mullion/Sliding Slash/Casement Windows
  • Ceiling and Wall Beams
  • Low Ceilings
  • Open-Fire/Inglenook Fireplace